Screen Aligned UVs/SceneTexture distortion in OVR


I have a PostProcess material that distorts the SceneTexture using ScreenAlignedUVs and my target platform is Oculus Rift.

Is there a way to adjust for Right/Left eye when using screenSpace effects like this?

Thank you!

Hi FXVille -

Currently in the Material Editor, there is no way to separate out what is shown to the left and right eye, nor can this be set in blueprints. However, this can be done in through the C++ code which controls the display for the Oculus.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,
I am currently trying to do something similar.

I have a portal-like effect that works when playing in a non-stereo format, however when in VR, screen-aligned UVs displays a different image on each eye.

From my understanding, this is due to the screen-aligned UV calculation grabbing the screen-position of the pixel it is rendering. I tried to create my own screen-aligned UV function that detects when the x-pos is more than half way across the screen and subtracts half of the resolution. However this didn’t work.

Do you have a recommendation for how I would go about this (c++ option welcomed).


Hey FXVille,

Did you find a way around this? Still in need of a solution. Currently it displays correctly until you start to tilt your head side to side, at which point the image distorts.