Screen-Aligned (First Person) Particle?

I’m trying to figure out how to align a particle directly to the first-person screen, similar to what most games call “fire beards” or what not, where there is a screen-aligned first person vignette type particle. The particle part is no problem, can anyone please advise how to align it to your first-person screen? I’ve been digging for a tutorial but unable to find one.


Why a particle? why not a Post Process?

I guess just because the effect exists as a particle and does a lot of particle-y things. No good?

How exactly do you want it screen aligned? I am having trouble picturing the effect, maybe a screenshot of a similar effect to show what you are after might help?

This doesn’t look like my effect, but it shows the intent:

This is a post process, not a particle.

Create a new Material and set it’s domain to “Post Process”. Set it to Translucent.
Plug your Red/-ish Texture and the Opacity Texture into the corresponding Material Inputs.
In your Camera/ Post Process Settings simply add your new Material as a Blendable.