SComboBox doesn't have full skinning controls

When using a SComboBox in C++, you can’t get rid of the yellow list hover highlights.

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Could you elaboarte on what you’re referring to? Are you talking about inside the editor / widget designer or in game? Does the yellow highlight continue to appear when not interacting with the combo box?


If you use a SComboBox in a game, drop the list down and select items, you will get a yellow highlight which is the default table row style for STableRow.

This is because the SComboBox doesn’t have any parameter to control this. You can control the overall widget style with FComboBoxStyle (but nothing controls the highlighting), the button style but not individual widgets.

Just to make sure I understand correctly, you’re wanting a way to change the color of the highlight when using the combo box?

Yes. Sorry about the unclear description of this issue.

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A feature request to be able to change the highlight color of the drop down options has been entered (UE-20556) for consideration.


Hi , is there any new on this ?

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The feature request I entered is still open for consideration. It is difficult to give a timeline for this issue however I will comment here with any update to the status of this issue.

Hey , any news on this?

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The bug report mentioned is still open for investigation by developers. I have added a comment to indicate this is still an issue for the community however there is not yet a time frame for when a fix will be implemented.

Any News on This?

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Currently UE-20556 is publicly viewable here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-20556) . We don’t have a timeframe for when this may be addressed, however if you are using source code, a programmer on your project can implement your own solution and you are welcome to share that result with Epic for possible integration.