SciFi JetPack Shooter and Vehciles (DownloadProject) Twitch Live Stream

Heya Guys!

I am working on a project that I would like others to try out and “help out” if they so choose. I am trying to build a game that I want to play, and also others may enjoy as well.

Feel free to download and use anything in this project as you wish.

I am making a video that I will post on as soon as its ready describing what I have so far and some issues that are needing solved, so feel free to post in this thread some ideas for making improvements or make your own and repost a new download with the improvements.

Download The Project >>

Simply Unzip It To Your My Documents>Unreal Projects.

Live Stream Of The Project And Lots Of Systems In Action!


Your download link needs fixing.

Fixed Thanks!

Tribes fan? :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing btw.

Yes, not so much Ascend, but the old school tribes 1 & 2 for sure.

This game I am working on will be alot like Tribes in the end.

Have now added my first air vehicle to the project, I am currently uploading the new project for you guys to try out.

Newest version with a gravcycle and airjet is live >>>>

Twitch stream of latest features >>> Twitch

Hey ,

I have seen the video on your Twitch account, great job. Very excited for this!

Thank You!

Its taking some time and cussing, but hopefully I will have something in a more finished state soon™.

I am a huge fan of basic implementation first, then iterate and polish it up, so just keep an eye out and I will update this thread as often as I can.

Thanks Again!

Hey , I’m considering helping you out with this project.
I’m a big fan of Tribes 1/2 and likewise didn’t care for Ascend or Vengeance as well).
So we might be on the same page as far as our taste in games goes.
Anyways, send me a PM if interested and we can discuss further.

Well I can use all the help I can get, really all you need to do is download the project and build something cool. I got so much to do ATM that I am swamped, I am currently working on the beam gun templete. I about got it wrapped up, then I am going to make 2 more base turret types, then I am going to start connecting some UI.

So really I dont know what you can do atm, you could download the project and tinker around with the vehicle controls and mechanics…I will let you know when I get more done so I can actually request help with a specific part.

Thanks for your interest though!

Thank You!:slight_smile:

Very nice, but it do not load in 4.8. :frowning:
I install 4.9…

I got my beam weapon template working, I am going to make 2 more auto turrets and polish up what things are currently operational in the project and upload a new project file.

Probably have the new version ready by the end of the week, so look for a new “update” soon™

What i really like at your template is the clean code structure.
I am impressed, how clean code could be, when not all thrown is into one Noodle Blueprint.
This classes and function stuff is something i would really like to understand.

Well thanks!

I do have more “cleaning” to do with it, but it is getting there, I hope to have a newer version for download by Sunday with the beam weapon template and 2 more auto turrets functional.

I do have the beam gun working, just gotta make those 2 turrets.

Here is a short video of the beam gun in action >>>>

Looking good man can’t wait for the beam weapon download.

New Version!

This version contains the beam weapon and a new turret!

Download Here>>>

Live Stream >>> Twitch

Very nice :slight_smile:

I found you xD hows the game going?

Hey , in the your template, i when remove the plane of turret and put at the ground, but when i go to play the game the shot don’t hits the target, as shown in the picture when the shot goes up the character. I wonder if you could help me solve this problem. Thanks.