Sci-fi star lens flare

Hi everyone I am currently trying to achieve something like this


I want to achieve it with a lens flare instead of using a sprite. What shape of lens flare can give an effect like this?

I guess you’re asking what shape of lens can get this effect - it happens when light travels through an anamorphic lens, meaning it’s not through a round, but stretched out iris.

I have no idea how to do custom lens flares but am very interested as well. The only solutions I’ve seen so far come from what you say, a sprite through a particle or similar. I don’t think that allows for a proper lens flare simulation as there’s a lot of smaller reflections going into the camera offset from the source to the screen space middle point and not just the source itself. A sprite would also look pretty fake when obstructed.

Hopefully someone can help more there. At the moment I don’t know of a good way of doing a custom flare.

Isn’t this a post-process thing?

The best approach, like with all games, is to find a way to fake it. :wink:

This post may help:

They had asked how the lens flare was achieved in the Infiltrator Demo. That link will cover how it was done and this may work for your results in the end.