Sci Fi Rail Gun

Sometimes defences require some more aggressive weaponry. The rail gun fires an enormous, energised bullet travelling so fast that it melts your targets as it smashes through them. Their fear inducing damage more than makes up for their slower fire rate!

CGTrader: Rail Gun Turret | 3D model
Turbosquid: 3D Models | Over a Million Models for Download | TurboSquid

Just to let people know, the Community Content, Tools and Tutorials section of forum is the most appropriate place for @CrackedCysis to post their content.

Please don’t report this or similar threads for being in the wrong section.
The Marketplace section is for content specifically available from the UE4 marketplace.

Hope this clears things up.

Thanks guys!

This is fine in this section, though it could also go to “Released Projects”. Nothing has changed and there’s no agenda to diminish an area of freely sharing items. While there is a lot of awesome, free content on this forum, this is fine to be here as long as the developer isn’t spamming the forum (this being the first post on the subject matter)

It’s not really a problem yet, but it sure would appear somewhat odd, if the Community section started to shift info a commercially oriented advertisement section (and all it really takes to drown this section in [PAID ASSET] tags is just a handful more turbosquidders et al realizing that it’s an approved outlet).

I come here usually for tutorials, ideas, exchange of experiences - to learn basically, to watch what can be done with Unreal – not to buy random assets. If at least those assets were UE4 specific (interactive actors, materials, effects or scenes), but more often than not it’s just some basic prop. It does feel like spam - or terribly offtopic, at the least.

“Released Projects” would seem much more appropriate to sell stuff.
Or create a new section for that maybe? (would be better both for the sellers as well as for the consumer who could browse more easily).

Just my 2 cents of random user feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, the ask makes sense. We may draw that line and better direct traffic to the appropriate areas.

Agreed 100%. lots of awesome project to be found here, glad you think mine is part of them :slight_smile:

ps: Rama, if you read this, you are awesome beyond words!

I always had the feeling this subforum was for tutorials and generally freely available content to help the community. If this turns into another marketplace forum, then the UE4 forum in general will have lost a huge amount of appeal for me; not the least because it just feels like a bad rub in the face of those people who share their hard work for free.

Honestly, either create another subforum for exterior sales or make us able to hide these sales posts, or just give up this subforum for good.

I don’t want to sound aggressive, I just fear where this is going.

Thanks for the mention @franktech :).

I certainly would like to see new tags implemented so we can filter the free assets - this seems to be the easiest solution. I find myself bookmarking certain threads I find interesting but sometimes these threads get buried and they are hard to find. Anything to make finding these projects easier would be most welcome :slight_smile:


Actually a lot of people come here to find free assets not paid or asset related to UE4, so whats the point on adding such assets other than increasing pages and our time on finding good UE4 assets in this section? and apparently the community is not happy with the artist who add his nice asset here so its bad for the artist who share his non UE4 asset and bad for UE4 community .

Thanks for the mention @franktech since i filter all the useful asset here and add it to my blog on my free time ( as now i will have to work more on filtering posts and pages. so i will ask epic team to make another section or not to allow such post in such section since they know better than us and the know what is useful for the community …

excluding panda studios ^^

Haven’t seen panda studios posting in the community assets section, they use the marketplace section (as they should), don’t they?

Cool! An excellent example - exactly the kind of stuff one would expect in this section, i.e. community contributions / stuff shared with the community.

PS: here’s a summary post of the above mentioned Panda’s Freebies list [^].

As i told to @franktech, if you (epic) created a forum section called “Community content” where the main objectives are show, teach and share (in my opinion), these kind of stuff should be in marketplace, just create a subsection for non- ue4 marketplace. This is chaotic.

Hey franktech. Let’s lean on Released Projects going forward for people selling content outside of our channels.

Moving this thread, thanks.