Sci-fi Colony Bunk Room

Final finished scene and screenshots (see below and rest of thread for WIP shots):

Old first post:

Hey guys! This is my first post here. I’m a long time lurker since UE4 has been released, I’ve really enjoyed looking at what you guys have all been working on!

This is a little project I’ve been working in my spare time. It’s some sort of sci-fi bunk room but I’m trying to give it a bit of a retro, kinda 80s feel to it. Kinda like what people in the 70s/80s may have made their spaceships if they’d managed to get out to other worlds. I worked on Alien Isolation for about a year, so I guess a lot of inspiration is coming from that still!

Anyway, the idea is that this is some sort of bunk room on an orbiting colony station above a planet which is going to be terraformed. The bunk rooms are connected to the main station via a mini concertina jetbridge, which can disconnect in case of emergency, and the pod acts as an escape pod. I plan on modelling the exterior of this thing too, even though you won’t be able to see it, I think it’ll be a fun little project!

Here’s where I’m at so far, still got a long way to go yet! Please excuse the horrible compression in these screenshots, they were captured with the Windows Snip tool because I was in a rush; I will re-capture screenshots when I get a chance. Looking forward to hearing some feedback, and I’ll be updating this once a week or so, depending on how much work I get done!

Also, I am aware of the darkness of these screenshots. My monitors at home are getting pretty terrible now and need calibrating. I will fix this as soon as possible! Please let me know if it is too dark and if you have calibrated your monitor or not, I’d like to know!

And a few examples showing the modularity of the scene:

And here are some older screenshots from the first blockout:

Nice. Really nice. Like your background too. Very “pro” looking. What are your work flow tools? Wondering, cuz, I’m new at this.
Keep up the great work!

It’s funny that you worked on Alien Isolation because the first thing I thought after seeing the pics (before reading the text) was, “that reminds me of the Nostromo in Alien.” haha

Looks awesome. Out of curiosity, what program do you use to model your interiors?

Looks great, cool piece of work!
Keep it up!

wow material definition and lighting on this are awesome. Love the clean look too, I think its one of the strengths of Unreal 4’s lighting and rendering system if used properly - you can make a plain white wall and it looks nice! No need for loads of panels and grime on everything anymore

Very nice indeed! Looks very plausible as an actual space, if you catch my drift. Tangible, as it were. The only thing missing would be some personal items scattered around… A book, a half-eaten donut, a pair of socks discarded on the floor.

First screenshoot feels so warm and nice, great job!

Howdy PogoP,

Glad to have you join the community after lurking for a bit! The screenshots of your Sci-Fi bunk room look fantastic. The Planet and Stars background look amazing. Be sure to keep us updated as you move along further in the development of your project.

Keep up the great work!


Nice work, and welcome to the forums! The screenshots don’t seem too dark to me. I love the atmosphere of the level. Can’t wait to see where you go with this! =)

Wow I love this. I’m starting a space station game, wish my art looked like this!

Thank you everyone for the kind words and feedback, much appreciated. I shall take on board all comments! I’m still chipping away at this, not had a great deal of time on it since my last post though.

@Breese + Digitalfiend - I’m modelling everything in 3ds max, and trying to use as many tiling materials as possible at this stage. If it proves too expensive, I’m going to bake this down later. Just doing my materials in photoshop, but haven’t done too many yet really! Baking everything down in xnormal :slight_smile:

@Bazmod - Yeah Unreal really does make things look great. I don’t want to make everything super shiny though, I do want to keep that to a minimum. PBR looks amazing, but does not mean we should all be making everything out of chrome :smiley: I do want to grime this scene up with decals later on.

@anonymous_user_fcb7afa8 - Personal items and all that dressing stuff will definitely come later, I’m still detailing all these modular pieces at the moment. I want to get all of these wall pieces done, then move on to some of the more unique stuff like the doors/frames, and the ceiling/floors.

@Bino - Good luck on your space station game! Would love to know more about it :slight_smile:

I have thought a little more about the story behind this scene, and will be working to incorporate elements of this into the environment. Here goes!

Orbiting Planetary Engineering Facility

Summary: An orbiting space station above a planet in the beginning stages of being terraformed. The space station is a base for the research scientists and engineers involved in the terraforming. They primarily live on this station, but also go on excursions down to the planet for weeks at a time in order to seed the planet with algae and other microbes, with the end goal of making the planet hospitable in generations to come. The station generates it’s own gravity via its spinning superconductors below the station, and has the technology to create food (as well as having large stores from Earth), and also generates and recycles it’s own breathable air.

A large group of scientists and engineers left Earth 40 years previously, aboard a giant interstellar space station, in order to travel to the nearest star system to ours and start up a human colony in a different star system.

However, Earth received a distress signal 5 years into the terraforming process. A single garbled message was received, and no other contact has been made since. Fortunately, since the departure of the original crew, technology has been developed that has reduced the large amount of time required to travel across space, but the time required is still fairly substantial.

You are one of the crew members sent to investigate the cause of the distress signal. After waking up from 10 years in stasis, you are approaching the station, eager to find out what caused the distress signal.


  • Primarily to learn Unreal 4 rendering techniques.
  • Learn basic Unreal blueprints (opening doors, turning on light switches etc)
  • Show a scene from beginning to end, showing all stages of production.
  • Release online for other people to learn from.
  • Investigate environmental storytelling.

Alien, Bioshock, Ringworld, Halo.

And here’s another shot of a kitchen area in the bunk room. Not quite sure what I think of the white cupboard doors/drawers. Might change that to the same wood, but don’t know if it’ll blend in too much! Might try putting in some metal frames.

After this, I’d really like to make the airlock you first enter, if this were a proper game. I love the idea of you coming out of stasis, donning your spacesuit, docking to the space station, and finding out what happened onboard.

Hey guys, sorry for the long delay in posting… I’ve been really busy this past month and I’ve not had a great deal of time to work on this scene! I’m trying to prioritize things a little more now, in order to get this finished as soon as possible. I’m really enjoying working on this at the moment though, I don’t feel burnt out at all. In fact, this is the longest I’ve ever worked on one project without getting burnt out which is a good sign! I think it’s because I’m having a great time learning Unreal 4, which is really incredible to work with.

So I’ve mainly been working on a few more props in my spare time, as well as finishing off the majority of the base environment. I feel that it just needs lot of dressing now to make it feel like a lived in space. I want to rip open some of these cupboards and just generally have more stuff scattered about. Also want to do something with the floor too. Maybe some leaking water would be cool, just because… PBR. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, feel free to suggest any more ideas for props etc, and any other feedback. It’s getting a bit closer to the end but there is still a lot more I want to do!

Hey Liam! This is looking awesome mate! cant wait to see how this ends up, I agree there is a really great atmosphere and reminds me a lot of Alien/Routine. Cant wait to see more man! Hope you are good!

Wow! Lighting updates are amazing!

Do we get a Hurg sticker in the bunk? :wink:

To cool bro. Looks like a big space camper. Keep on

Wow, the view on/through the window is just amazing.

Nice and clean with just the right amount of grunge. I can dig it.

Love the style and the execution! Can’t wait for more

Loving the new details. Keep it up. =)