Sci-fi Colony Bunk Room

Hey guys, thank you so much for the feedback. Really appreciate it.

@Triplexx - There’s a Mapcore rug on the floor! Hurg will make an appearance too I think :slight_smile:

So I’ve been doing a lot more dressing work over the past couple of weeks when I’ve had chance to work on this. I want to do some work on the exterior of the scene next, and then I’m going to call this done (unless I get more feedback and ideas!). I don’t want to burn out on this too much.

Here’s some new screenshots:

I’m going to post this up for download when Im finished, with the hopes that maybe other people could learn a little about Unreal from this scene. Would you guys be interested in that?

Hi PogoP,

It’s a really beautiful scene. Please do share it if you want. I would love to be able to study the scene (polycount, modular assets if any, overall composition, texture usage, etc) and the materials.


Awesome work PogoP! I love your work. It would be awesome if you did share it! I’m trying to figure out how to create scenes like this (just really using modular assets). I’m also looking forward to seeing your work as I play through Alien Isolation! Thanks! :slight_smile:

Really cool man!!! Good job!!
Flythrough video needed!!! :smiley:

Very cool scene indeed! Good to see something that isn’t arch viz…

Overall looking very solid, and I would love to check it out myself!

Very well done.

Love the cleanlines of the lighting. Good job.

great project bud, i feel the vibe form the 70-80, its superb love it


Are you using some color grading process?
The ambience is killer.
So tight!

Yeah spill the beans, we want to suck your brain dry, all chompy chompy alien mouth like. :wink:

Cheers for the comments guys!

@Triplelexx - Yeah I am using some colour grading. Nothing amazing, just a few colour tweaks and levels adjustments.

I’m pretty much ready to call this done now, I want to move on to other things now I’ve learnt loads doing this, I even learnt a bit of Matinee last night and put together a little video. Matinee is really powerful! I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot of goals that I set out to achieve, including learning rendering in Unreal, some basic blueprint stuff (The lights are blueprints so I can tweak one value and the emissive/spotlight/pointlight values all scale from that), and a lot about lighting, post processing and Matinee. I’m hoping to get it up on the Marketplace for you guys to learn as I did!

Here’s a little video playthrough. My mate made a little music track especially for this, cheers Ben!

And some updated screenshots. Annoyingly, I had to switch to dynamic lights meaning some bounce light has been lost, and for some reason, whenever I take a high res screenshot, my light blueprints go completely lit, so I can’t take any new screenshots of certain areas! Very weird.

Any chance you could host it somewhere else in the meantime (If you plan to distribute it for free of course - Marketplace approval is quite slow right now)?


great job! really really cool

This looks fantastic!

Amazing work!

I didn’t think it could look much better than it did in the screenshots but seeing it in motion proved me wrong!

Thank you so much guys! Really appreciate the kind words.

I spoke to Epic about releasing this on the Marketplace but unfortunately they aren’t accepting submissions right now. Fingers crossed for the future, but I will look at releasing this online in the meantime. Give me a few days/weeks whilst I fix everything up!

Wow, that would be amazing. Looking forward to this scene :slight_smile:
Fantastic work PogoP!

Thank you Moritzw!

I was shocked earlier to find that this scene was featured on Kotaku this morning! That was a real honour, even if it’s a bit of a random thing to be posting news about, hehe!

Very nice! I love the window in the room, they really stuck out to me in Alien: Isolation too, being able to step outside the machine for a moment really sets the scene and makes you feel fragile in space.

Hi PogoP, your work is really fantastic, in these days I’m playing Alien Isolation and I’m trying to figure out with which programs has been realized. I assume that you too for this demo you used Quixel suite or Substance Designer, I like to know what programs are better. Alien Isolation uses a system of lights really awesome, also here I would like to understand, what kind of parameters I have to change to get a similar effect. Surely the staff of the UE4 accept your project on the marketplace it is only a matter of time (to the limit im make a petition^^ ).
Congratulations again and keep it up.