School Project

Hey, im making my school in vr, and im making some activities at our school but I cant seem to figure out how to add them, if you have any ideas about the following activities, please feel free to comment:

  • Cutting foam/any mesh: Pick up an object and slice foam.
  • A Volcano experiment: You put any object inside the volcano and it explodes.
  • Newtons Cradle: You pick up one of the balls and when it hits the other balls it moves with them.
  • Blocks: Stick together two blocks when you pick them up, kind of like legos.
    Thanks in advance, have a great day!

Hello Marwan,

Ranked from easiest to hardest:

Volcano: Triggering Particle Effects with Blueprints | Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - YouTube
Blocks: AttachToActor node
Cradle: UE4 - Tutorial - Physics Constraint Actors - YouTube
Cutting: Quick Start to Slice Procedural Mesh in 4.13/4.14 - YouTube

You might want to just focus on one or two.

Hope that helps get you started!