[School Project] Fantastic Japanese Environment

Update #01

Hello, this is my big first environment, inspired by the art of Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, and a tribute to the ‘Way of Tomoe’. The level will be placed under a strong storm, on the top of a mountain, decorated with Raijin statues, japanese temples, a japanese pagoda, waterfalls, cherry blossoms, a shrine, two bridges and a big dragon statue holding a battlefield. I will be updating it each week, hope you like the idea. :dragon:


very nice!! keep up the good work!

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Update #02

Here’s a summary of each type of asset that i will be using in the Environment.

Purple (Hero Asset), Green (Main Assets), and Blue (Secondary Assets) will be maded by me. The Yellow ones, in the other hand, will be from Megascans.

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Update #03
Starting the first asset (Hero Asset), the Big Dragon Statue.

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Update #04

  • Some progress with the Dragon’s Head and the Temple assets.

Update #05 - Progress with Dragon Statue (Hero Asset) - #02

Update #06 - Progress with Japanese Temple and Small Bridge Assets.

Update #07 - Some screenshots with the assets placed in Unreal.

Update Progress #08 - Hero Asset sculpting phase is finished. Starting with the retopology phase.

Update Progress #09 - Hero Asset placed in Unreal

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Update Progress #10 - Updated Temple and started the Pagoda asset

Progress Update 11 - Updated Unreal Environment