[School project] Breath of the sky, game environment

Hi everyone!

My name is Fabian and I’m starting another project for my videogame art master in the Universal Arts School. My project will be a videogame environment called “Breath of the Sky”, during the following weeks I will update my progress and share it with you to get feedback and improve it as much as possible.

I hope you like it! here is the first blockout


Update 10/11/2021

This week I started to make some grass prototypes, I’m happy with the first results:

I combined different techniques but the main base is done following this tutorial by Kristian Kebbe:


That’s some hot grass homie


Update 17/11/2021
These days I finished my treamsheet for my modular pieces. I started to make some testings with vertex painting materials and add some warm lighting to the scene


Update 24/11/2021

Hi everyone! This week I finished some more parts of my modular architecture and improved my Vertex Painting shader. After a lot of experimentation, I could get a nice transition between the two materials:


To achieve this I found two useful resources
This video from tharlevfx:

and this article on lvl80 by Stéphane Charré:

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Hey Carepas93!

I don’t even know where to start. It’s beautiful. You’ve created such a lively and vibrant environment. Scrolling through your article only impresses more. Specifically with the effect that the addition of vegetation had.

I’m truly blown away by your eye for detail and passion demonstrated in every asset added to the world.

Sending lots of support!

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Thanks for the kind words, still a lot to do :smiley:

Update 01/12/2021

Hello everybody! I started modelling some other parts of the environment and I continued improving the lighting in the scene. I will continue modelling more assets and adding them in the following days


In the wise words of @DancingRicardo66, “Thats some hot grass homie”.

Seriously though, love having your content come across the forums. The world you’re creating seems like such a dreamy fantasy and it’s truly an honor being able to watch as it develops.

Thanks for sharing it with us here on the unreal engine forums and I hope to see more soon! :sunglasses:


Update 09/12/2021
Some good progress has been done this week! I started figuring out one of the main concerns of the environment: The clouds, and how to make look like the environment is floating in the sky. First of all, I made the texture of the clouds on Houdini

and then make my shader with a panner animation and a fading effect.

After that, I also painted my clouds for the ones far away on the horizon with a more stylized look.

Finally I added some fog effect and this is the result of my first approach:

clouds7_SparkVideo (2)

There´s still a lot to do but I think is going in a good direction


Update 22/12/2021
Merry Christmas everybody! probably my last post of the year for this project. I improved the textures I was using and I created some more.

I added the windmills to the scene and I added more layers to my landscape material. The idea is integrating also virtual texturing and being able to change the colour of the grass by painting on the landscape, but I will try to add that in the future


Update 12/01/2021
Hi everyone! New year, same project :joy:
These are the advancements after the Christmas holidays:
I made this rock cliff for the base of the islands combining them with the rocks I made previously:

I added more assets for the architecture and I made some tweaks to the post process and the lighting


Hi @Carepas93 !

Your grass is literally breathtaking! :astonished: I gasped after seeing how beautifully the mesh swayed in the wind! Thank you so for sharing a selfless tutorial on how you created the grass, and the other tutorial videos! Definitely commendable! Your project is coming along swimmingly! The lighting and art style that you’ve chosen is giving bright, fun, sunshine, happy days! What part/parts of your environment are (or will be) interactive?

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Hi! thank you so much for your message, I really appreciate it :grin:
I didn’t plan to make anything interactive so far, I’m just focused on the artistic design. The only thing doable in terms of gameplay will be running through the scene to show that is optimized for real-time rendering

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What a wonderful project, congratulations on an exceptional job and thank you for sharing it with us.
It would be great to see you on the Unreal Engine Educators Forum as well, surely many will be delighted to see this wonderful work.
I follow with a lot of interest!

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Update 24/01/2021
Big Landscape and foliage improvement these days!
I could add Runtime Virtual Texturing to my project to colour the grass with my landscape layers and works so good! Besides, I also added some flowers and taller plants to get some variety

2022-01-24_12-54-23_AdobeCreativeCloudExpress (1)

For achieving this follow the steps on this video by PrismaticaDev, very useful:

I also added the first version of my trees and did some performance improvements: I’m really happy with the results so far :smiley:


Hey again @Carepas93,

Hope you’re having a spectacular day!

This thread was one of the first ones I found when I first started exploring the UE forums. Watching your project grow and develop always brings a smile to my face, not only because it reminds me of my beginnings, but because the world you’ve manifested is so genuinely stunning.
“Breath of the Sky” makes me want to frolic through fields and explore mountains to find hidden treasure chests. I hope you continue and keep sharing your talents!

Once again, thanks so much for giving us a sneak peak into your wonderful world. Can’t wait for the next update.


Update 03/02/2021

More props! I modelled some but I didn’t add them the unreal yet ( I’m still trying some different textures) this is how they look right now some of them

I also added a waterfall for the background. I made a simple shader using distance fields

Next week I will try to add all the props and start to make the scene more dense


Cant wait for the next update. Looks very good.

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Update 14/02/22
Hi everyone! I think I’m getting close to the finish line. This week I added my stonewall texture which I can add moss through vertex painting

and I started to replace the remaining things I have still as Blockout getting close to that final result.