SceneTexture: Custom Depth

So im trying to make a material and for it i need this option in my blueprints, but it seems I can’t find it. I seem to be missing alot of Scentexture options other people use in tutorials, and idea how i find these? Using 4.15.1

this can be found in material editor.
place SceneTexture node, select and check it details -> there you will find dropdown with list of options.

Thank you SOOOOO much!!

Can i bug you for one more question? Where do i plug this in? it used to go into blendables under the post process volumes propertys but now that option is gone. I plugged it into array under post process volume property but no effect. I tried going into each mes hand enable custom depth but that option is also no longer there.

If this kind of global effect, you can set it into player camera. Just explore camera settings in your character class.

I’m not get for what you need it, but here is example.
In project settings find Rendering->PostProcessing->Custom Depth-Stencil Pass and set it to EnabledWithStencil.
Place any object into scene and in it’s Render settings check Render CustomDepth Pass and set CustomDepth Stencil Value to, for example, 10.

Create post process material like this:

Open your player character blueprint, select camera component and in it’s properties find PostProcess Materials and set this material as asset.

Start game and check results.


Thank ya much brotha man. I got it set up a bit different way. But i got it set up lol