SceneCaptureConponent2D not rendering point light


I have a game where i have created a showroom. A BP with static meshes as floor, walls, ceiling forming a room as 4 x 4 x 4 m. In here i have a mesh, and a SceneCaptureComponent2D. This BP is placed below the level (too keep it out of sight) and the SceneCapture renders an image of the mesh to a widget.

I also have two point lightings in this BP. The rendered image doesn’t render these lighs (Or any other light type except the Sky Light, which seem to go straight through the wall meshes).

I have figured out how to disregard the Sky Light (which then made the mesh look differently throughout the day in the widget), but i can’t seem to get the mesh lit up any other way, and therefore now it appears black.

If my character stands next to it in game, the mesh has the proper shadings as it should, but is still rendered wrong inside the widget.

Any idea of what causes this?