SceneCaptureComponent2D Trembling model issue

Hi !
I’ve perfectly followed this tutorial on youtube, but at the end there is a little issue that is doesn’t fixed.

Here is the issue, when the used mesh has a not centered pivot, the model trembling :

But when the used mesh has a middle pivot, it’s ok :

In first, I was thinking it was the fault of the AddLocalOffset combined with the parenting to the rotating scene :



Because if I delete the AddLocalOffset, it’s not trembling anymore.
(But my mesh is not on the middle of the screen of course)

BUT, I think the problem is in the SceneCaptureComponent2D, and his way to see/understand the AddLocalOffset, because if I make an identical blueprint without the SceneCaptureComponent2D, and visible in the level, the mesh not trembling (with the AddLocalOffset).

Any idea ?
Thanks for your help !

EDIT : I’ve also tryed to replace the rotating scene by link the SceneCaptureComponent2D to a rotating SpringArm, same issue.

Hello IBREC,

Could you provide an example project that reproduces the issue shown in the gif provided so that I could take a closer look?

Yes, here it is :

With this “light” project, the issue is smaller, but still visible.

With a heavy project, it’s more visible.

Maybe a link with the render engine ?

After taking a look at the project provided I noticed that you are spawning an actor with a Z location of 5,000,000. If you spawn it closer, (1891000.0 worked in the project provided and was still high enough to keep the skysphere out of the frame) this should help reduce the amount of floating point precision error that you are seeing that is causing the “wobbling effect”. The math that you are using for the offset (due to the pivot point not being the center) becomes less accurate and extreme distances. I hope that this information helps.

Yeah this information helps me very much, thanks !

Is there a way to 2Dcapture an actor without spawn it in the level ?