SceneCaptureComponent2D Lagging (4.9)


I’m working on a vehicle driving game. The camera is inside the car. I use SceneCaptureComponent2D for left and rear mirrors. Before migrating to 4.9 in 4.8.3 it was working perfectly. Now, when the vehicle speed increases the scene capture starts to lag so that I can see back of the vehicle mirror. The issue is exactly like this: The solution for that issue was adding a Spring Arm and attaching Scene Capture to Spring Arm which does not work in my case. Also this answer is not acceptable, since it was working perfectly in 4.8.3. What is the problem?

Also, I wish I could go back to 4.8.3 but the new level was designed by 4.9 so it can not be opened in 4.8.3!


Could you simply increase near plane value of scene capture?

Where is the near plane value? There is NearTransitionRegion under Depth of Field.

Is there another mechanism to simulate mirror effect?

Another issue is when I disable the two SceneCapture2D components the FPS goes from 30 to 120. The mirrors are not supposed to be precise. So is there another way?