SceneCaptureComponent2D for Scope

I’m trying to replicate the style of scope found on Escape from Tarkov (related pic below)

I have added a SceneCaptureComponent2D on my PlayerCharacter Blueprint that renders what it captures on a simple plane for testing.

I made a test map to check if and how it works, however I’m faced with the following issue.
When facing well-lit areas of the map, the render looks ok.

As I turn towards other areas though, I start getting weird renders:

And at some point, the render goes greenish:

I thought fog would bug the render with shadows but that’s not the case.
It seems that the whole thing is affected by the Directional Light Actor in the level.
Why is this happening and how can I fix it?
Also, has anyone encountered any similar problems with other lights?

Thanks in advance!

Are you actually using unlit material for the plane?

ah forgot to post the Material and the Render. here they are.
don’t know if those screenshots help. i also tried setting the material to unlit but the texture goes black. i might be doing something wrong though. i’m new to materials.

i just managed to get rid of the artifacts and the greenish effect by switching the material to translucent. it renders everything now, however i can still see a mild green effect

You should use unlit material for this case.

I’ve run into the same problems before, and I fixed it by plugging the texture sample into the Emissive pin.