Scenecapturecomponent2d doesn't render dynamic shadows unless rendertarget is 256x256 or above

I’m trying to render an object with as few pixels as possible because i have to through them all. I tried 64x64 but Scenecapturecomponent2d doesn’t include the dynamic shadows when the resolution is so low.
I’ve tried to follow the function calls to try and find where the cut is made and why, but got lost in SceneCaptureRendering.cpp.
Anyone know how I can force it to render dynamic shadows with a low res rendertarget?

It can render shadows at 64x64 just put the scenecapture closer and field of view down.

Just curious of what you would expect it to look like at 64x64 pixels. And on how/why you expect a shadow -which is very likely to be less than a smudge - to render below 1 pixel in size…

If you need to pixelate an image or shrink it you can make a material that does it for you. Render at 256x256, and process the RT through a shrinking material that outputs it back pixelated. It won’t be perfect ofc, in fact, it will likely remove the shadow again, but you never know.