SceneCaptureComponent2D causing severe performance issues in 4.17.2

Eventually I also stumbled upon a performance issue linked to the use of a SceneCaptureComponent2D component within a flying Pawn in VR. I also found a simple solution that works for my case.

The use of the component with its default settings causes ghosting artifacts and severe lagging when moving the HMD (your head), especially from side to side. In my case this happens even when not possessing the Pawn which has the SceneCaptureComponent2D component inside itself. It is enough that the Pawn is spawned anywhere in the level and the artifacts manifest themselves. Bummer!

After some tests I turns out that if I uncheck “Capture Every Frame” and just leave “Capture on Movement” checked, all the artifacts disappear and everything works smoothly. Obviously this works for my case because the flying Pawn will eventually moves. I don’t think it will work if you are trying to make a fixed mirror or use it for a Spectator Screen.

@Epic you definitely have to fix it. (+1)