SceneCaptureComponent2D Antialiasing?

I’m using a scene capture component 2d on my game, but the results are very jagged and with no antialiasing, creating some artifacts and bright spots on the image. Is it possible to activate AA for that? How do I do it?


No luck here as well. I have:

  • Project Settings → Rendering → Temporal AA
  • A PostProcessVolume with Unbound checked and Temporal AA
  • Screen Percentage cranked to 400
  • Responsive AA on my Material
  • r.PostProcessAAQualtiy set to 4

Nothing seems to work. Temporal suggests over time. Perhaps an AA technique blended over multiple frames. A single scene capture wouldn’t work in this case. However, I can’t see any visible changes with FXAA either. I don’t think the scene capture component supports AA at all. Even at a high resolution (1920x1080), it’s noticeably jagged.