SceneCaptureComponent2D and Cloud Rendering Problem

I’ve been assigned to add a feature to an already existing project of ours, which is to display a second window and render what is behind the pawn on this second view. All of this is working fine, except for how the clouds are being rendered in the second window.



So the camera that is attached to the pawn, the clouds are rendered really nicely, no artifacts, no pixelation, etc. But on the second window, some parts of the clouds are pixelated. I’ve tried messing the settings of the Render Target, like changing the render target format, comparing the settings on the camera I’ve created to follow the pawn and the one attached to the pawn.

I thought it might have been some post-processing problem. Nobody in my office knows how to use Unreal and I’m still learning a lot every time I use it.

Anyway, the first image shows the camera that’s attached to the pawn and the second image is the camera spawned in the world and being displayed in a separate window. They’re the exact same clouds.