SceneCapture2D not rendering meshes with distance culling enabled

Hey I have a huge problem right now. I use the SceneCapture2D, set it to render the SceneDepth and set it to Orthographic projection. For that I had to enable the global clipplane in the project settings. I found out that the camera does not render any meshes that are further away from world origin then the meshes current max draw distance (either through a cull distance volume or the individual max draw distance settings per mesh). But I need the cull distance on objects and also need the scene depth texture from this camera. I use it to occlude rain underneath objects and to place rain splashes on the ground.

I also tried to set the scene capture clip plane in code like this

	SceneCaptureComponent2D->ClipPlaneNormal = SceneCaptureComponent2D->GetForwardVector();
	SceneCaptureComponent2D->ClipPlaneBase = RainParticleComponent->GetComponentLocation();
	SceneCaptureComponent2D->bEnableClipPlane = true;

In my example the SceneCapture2D is attached to the rain particle with an offset of +500m above it. But that doesnt matter, its just about setting the ClipPlaneBase and Normal on tick.

In the following example image you can see the depth texture in a material, frac(Texture.Red/10000). to visualizue it. No object has distance culling except for the road and terrain meshes.

Is there anything I set wrong or miss to make the camera render the correct meshes?
Best regards