SceneCapture2D and main camera render order?

Trying to implement portals using SceneCapture2D. 50% of the time everything works fine, but 50% (quite randomly; sometimes I just Play->Stop->Play in editor, and it changes) it seems like portal rendering lags 1 frame behind main camera.
I have a blueprint that positions/rotates the SceneCapture2D component properly, based on player’s camera position/rotation relative to the portal. I set tick group to Post Update to make sure it runs after camera control.
I suspect rendering order of SceneCaptures and camera rearranges randomly itself, given the engine is multithreaded. Is it possible, or am I clearly wrong? And most importantly, what can I do about it?

I experimented some kind of lag between scenecapture and camera render, surely something similar to this one.
I had added a scenecapture component2D to my character mesh in the editor. So this component was not inherited from the character blueprint.
So I implemented the component directly in the blueprint and the lag dissapeared. Also: the scenecapture component was attached to the camera and not to the camera boom.
You could try this if you didn’t already do it and maybe it will help.

So, calling SceneCapture’s content updating manually from blueprint helped. Works nicely now.

did you mean the same thing?

No but that’s also a suggestion i should have made ; )

Could you expand one what you mean by this? I can’t make sense of it :frowning: