SceneCapture not rendered as expected

Hi all,

I’m trying to use SceneCapture2D component in a mobile project.
Everything works fine in the editor, but on a mobile device(and on mobile preview), emissive materials tend to get too bright when rendered through SceneCapture component.

This is what I expected

…and this is the result.


Tested on Samsung Galaxy S4(ATC).

I tried to deal with this on my own, but so far nothing worked.

Here’s what I’ve tried;

1. Modifying ‘Target Gamma’ value in the TextureRenderTarget2D

2. Enabling ‘Use Full Precision’ in the RenderTarget material

3. Disabling ‘Fully Rough’ in the RenderTarget material

4. Modifying ‘Post Process Blend Weight’ value in the SceneCaptureComponent2D to 0

5. Modifying values under ‘Bloom’, ‘Auto Exposure’, ‘Screen Space Reflections’ in the SceneCaptureComponent2D

6. Modifying ‘Post Process Blend Weight’ value in the player camera to 0

Any help would be greatly appreciated.