scene texture UV distortion while projecting on custom cylinder or sphere map

Hello friends! Can anyone give some hint how to make in UDK some kind of post processing.
In our project we need to get scene image projected onto custom screen like cylinder or sphere surface.

For this purpose we developed utility to get curved screen grid based on spline.
In order to get a final image on the screen we need to make post processing not for
screen quad but for custom screen mesh/ Screen mesh consist of grid vertices coordinates
in screen space and scene texture UV.

I put into post process material’s PS all calculations for cylinder/sphere calculations. But I have no idea how
to attach vertex shader processing. I do know that post process materials use global shaders for full screen quad
( just rectangular area for the whole screen). But I need to pass into PS my grid screen vertices with
coordinates in custom screen space. I’m not sure that this is possible with custom post processing due to
its predetermined workflow.

In short, I just need somehow to attach custom vertex shader to my post process material and make post
processing take as an input my custom screen greed.

Is’t possible with BluePrint script or the only way is to write C++ code. For me C++ is better since I’ve got a lot
of experience with other 3D engines.

Thanks in advance for you advices!


Hi there, this is the UE4 forums, if you’re working on UDK stuff you can post here: UDK - Epic Games Forums