Scene light still there even if i delete it


I have build the light,

Create a light and turn the intensity to 0

Didnt work.


it didnt work :frowning:

Either your post process has an ambient cubemap active or you have a skylight in the scene.

That’s always like that when you use the blank map -> when play the level it should be dark

To solve it you have to add a dominant directional light with a intensity of 0

i cant find a option or a separate light with that name, could you specify how i do that ?

nope. but thanks for trying to help :smiley:

Oh sorry, it is just called directional light → I’m still a little bit in UDK ^^ (there it is called dominant dir…)

ohh no. the second picture i have allready added a directional light and that didnt work either. well hehe yeah understandable i was in the mind og unity when i first started with ue4 hehe :smiley:

Hmm, in my case it works -> do you probably have several directional lights in your level? As I can see on the picture the light which you have selected is called DirectionalLight3 So basically you have to set all directional, source and sky lights to 0 so that you can get a dark scene in the edit view


i dont when you delete e light and make a new one it continues from where you left off. i only have DirectionalLight3 in my scene outliner

Ok, then open up a blank project and try if it works there -> when you get a good result, just copy all the stuff from the old map into the new one :slight_smile: (then we will also find out if one of your actors is causing the problem)

hmmm it was a problem with my map, i couldnt make it work even if i deleted all my content from my scene outliner, so i just made a new map and it worked. thanks for our help :smiley: