Scene is too dark even with post processing

Hi! I’m new to the engine and decided to build an apartment scene to test the features, so I modelled it on 3ds max and make all necessary steps to UVW and Lightmap it correctly.

When I assemble my scene on UE, with mats applied etc, and using the skylight, Directional Light, Lightmass Importance and PostprocessVolume, still cant get some clear illumination, the entire scene wont light enough.

My objective is to achieve something like this: :smiley:

Things I have tried:

  1. Insert additional spotlights on the scene (on windows);
  2. Boost the Auto Exposure (the scene is still dark and at some point became very unrealistic);
  3. Boost the Skylight intensity (scene gets washed out)
  4. Render on High and Production light settings (Same results, my hope were that the lights bounce more and get to the entire apt);
  5. Make an additional light entrance through side window, inserted some spotlight there, still dark).

Added some screenshots to illustrate the problem.

Thanks in advance for tips and sorry for misspellings!

Have you tried increasing the light intensity and/or attenuation?

Hi, I think you need to aim the spotlights at a reflector to get the brightness going back in. Spotlight intensity, crank it way up. Lightmass settings, check “Diffuse Boost” and “Environment Boost” or something like that. Set to 100 bounces.

Post-process is like a finishing touch once the scene has suitable lighting data etc.

Check out the free ArchiViz assets: and :slight_smile:

Worked like a charm!

Make me wonder if a Skylight is even needed. Sure ill try.5ce89b252890caec1d9f6e9141b1c57a1507642c.jpeg

Thanks a lot!

Why it makes you wonder if skylight is needed? Skylight is skylight and works like skylight. Like in the real world you have lamp’s inside your house.

Very nice! Skylight is only needed if you want a kind of “overall ambient lighting”… AFAIK it’s a bit of a cheat if you are wanting to do global illumination.

Excuse my terms, I am coming from Unity 4/5.

For ArchiViz it appears Directional Light for the “Sun” can be used, otherwise people love the spotlights-at-reflector then the reflectors send all the “outside” light into the house.

I like the reflector technique but sometimes it’s amazing just one Directional Light can do and it gives a super clean minimal look when you crank up all the Lightmass settings.

As you mention for internal scenes Skylight is a “global ambient lighting” “cheat”?

I still don’t quite understand Skylight.