Scene Draw Calls

I’m been looking at the scene rendering stats for my scene and was wondering a few things.

  1. What is the difference between “Mesh draw calls” and “Static list draw calls”?

  2. Why does the “Mesh draw calls” go up by exactly 3 every time I add a static mesh to the scene?

  3. Why does the “Static list draw calls” go up by 1 every time I add the same static mesh with the same material to the scene?
    Shouldn’t UE4 be using some sort of batching or instancing, so that that 5 meshes that all use the same material only result in 1 draw call? Is there something I need to turn on or something I need to do with my materials to allow them to batch draw calls?

Does your mesh consist of multiple materials? Maybe that’s why draw call count goes up by three. Or then it’s related to shadow rendering and occlusion culling.
To use instancing on meshes you need to either use the foliage system, or create your own blueprint that uses the instanced static mesh component.