Scene Depth in Viewmode>Buffer Visualization not working

I’m trying to create an Alpha brush using my landscape’s height map, but the method to convert it (Scene Depth) in Top Orthographic mode doesn’t work. When I go into overview, the smaller window works fine, however.

How can I enable it in its own window?


When you say it “doesn’t work” what do you mean? Is it just solid white? Because that is what the scene depth really looks like. It outputs the depth in scene units, and Unreal’s base unit is a centimeter so anything more than 1cm away from the camera is going to output white.

The buffer visualization scene depth is divided/frac’d, to make it possible to see what the depth map is doing. It’s useful as a visualization but it’s not helpful as a depth map.

In order to do what you’re trying to do you should be capturing the depth from a 2D Scene Capture, then processing the resulting texture through a material using the blueprint node “Draw Material To Render Target” in order to bring it into a useful visible range, by dividing the depth map by the maximum distance you want to capture (effectively the same as what Epic is doing with the visualizer)

If the buffer visualization behaves differently for ortho/perspective then you should report it to Epic as a bug. I would not wait for it to get fixed though. Issues specific to ortho cameras rarely get fixed.

It still remains in “Lit” mode, it doesn’t change or affect the world (The same window in the middle of the image). That is what I meant, sorry for the confusion.

I have the same issue, is the bug reported on their issue tracker ? I would need to render high resolution screenshot roughness of my photogrammetry ninitify map.

I had the same issue, if you reset your flags to default it would be fixed