Scene crashes with "Fatal Error" when loaded, but works fine in editor

Hello! I have been working on a VR project for a few months and when I finally went to package it for deployment, one of my scenes crash when it is loaded, despite it working just fine in the editor. I don’t get any errors when packaging everything, just some warnings, which I’ve included below as well as the crash log.

I can provide the scene files as well if you all deem it would be helpful, but I’ve had no luck troubleshooting this on my own, any help will be greatly appreciated.

Build Log (errors and warnings only)

Crash Log

First of all: Don’t get stuff from an empty array and don’t divide by zero.
The editor will not warn you about these things.

There is also a lot of deprecated stuff in use, did you switch engine/plugin versions?
If so, use the same ones you used when you started the project, otherwise you’ll have a lot of clean up to do (although it’s mostly telling you what to replace).

Thank you for your response!

I was able to clean up the array access warning, but I can’t find where the divide by 0 error is coming from? I don’t see a reference in the log to be able to fix it, but maybe I’m missing something?

I have switched engine versions, but when I updated I implemented some features that weren’t available with the version that was originally build with, namely Niagara so I’m afraid that reverting back may cause similar errors as well?

EDIT: I just installed UE 4.19 which is what the game was built with before updating, but it deletes maps and blueprints, making it unusable, so rolling back seems to not be an option.

Sure, no problem!

So, since the array warning is directly followed by the division warning, I suggest starting the search in the BP_DemoRoom.
You can use CTRL + F in the blueprint graph to search for division nodes.

Searching for 0.000000 might also yield good results.

And for the deprecated stuff in use, you could just go through it all systematically and use the suggested replacement (in version 4.22).
Like for example:

LogBlueprint: Warning: [Compiler BP_ActiveBook] Add Angular Impulse is deprecated; Use AddAngularImpulseInRadians instead

And repackaging the project before cooking should get rid of

PackagingResults: Warning: Legacy data detected in sequence

I went ahead and cleaned up the build result, so only the warnings are there, it’s easier to use as a to-do list: [Cleaned up list][4]

I was eventually able to solve the problem by removing the default directional light in the scene and replacing it. Not sure why this happened, but it fixed the runtime crash.