Scene conversion to VR

Hi there,

I have a scene which was created from a blank template purely with the purpose of creating animation of an interior space.

What would be the best way to bring this into a VR template? As far as I know there would be no first person map to access. Any suggestions would be very welcome!


If you want to take advantage of all the VR settings which are already included in the Standard VR Template, the best way would be to Migrate your level (map) to a brand new VR project, then add the MotionControllerPawn and a NavMesh to it. If you want your player to be able to pick up an object, you can duplicate the BP_PickUpCube and change the contained mesh to your object mesh.

Many thanks Marco, will definitely give that a go, hoping it’s pretty straight forward to locate the level map!


Hi Guys!

I’m looking for some help.
I have this scene with a character fully “blueprinted”.
I would to convert this scene in a vr project but i do not know how to!
Can someone help me?

I do not know if you’re Italian Marco but if yes dammi una mano!!!

Have a nice day Folks!