Scene colors different after migration

Hey all, I recently migrated my game from 4.24 to 4.27. I noticed that the colors in the 4.27 version appear washed out compared to the 4.24 version. The lightmass settings are the same and I’m pretty sure I ticked all of the boxes for mobile rendering but as it is a newer version perhaps there’s something I missed?

Hey @SeldinG!

It looks like your lighting intensity increased even though your value may not have changed. Possibly adjusting the intensity of your light source(s) could solve this problem. Alternatively, you can set auto exposure bias to 0 like in this thread:

I hope the above provides the solution you need!

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Hi Seldin,

Quetzal’s link looks like it should fix this, but on the subject of scrutinizing lighting/colors I want to mention the tonemapper. You can experiment with executing some of the commands mentioned in that community blog post to see how you like it. (No C++ needed, just feed the r. commands into an ‘Execute Console Command’ node)



That did the trick. Thanks!