Scene Capture Coming Out Dark.

I’m working on a unique VR game where the player has an in-game camera.
The spectator view on the monitor shows the view of the camera, rather than the usual mirrored view of what the player in VR sees.

The problem I’m running into here is the difference in exposure levels. Everything in VR comes out quite bright (similar to how things look in the UE4 editor viewport). But the in game camera comes out quite a bit darker. The odd thing is that about 1 in 20 times I launch the game, without making changes to the camera, the exposure comes out looking more normal.

For the camera I’m using an Actor Blueprint with a Scene Capture 2d component inside.
I have field of view, depth of field, and associated settings that do change the behavior of the camera. But no other settings that have to do with exposure or brightness seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?
I’m new to UE4 so I’m not even sure where to start. Any suggestions on where to look would be greatly appreciated

VR View:

Spectator View: