scene capture 2d texture is black

i was trying to use scene capture 2d to make a camera that is held by the player, i got all working, but there was a problem when looking at certain areas:

this is how it should look, and it looks like this while looking at one side of the map


when looking at the other side of the map (the side that has the sun in it) it looks like this:


and when directly looking at the sun it just black


and i tried changing the position of the sun and moved the sun to the other side, and the sides flipped, so it’s directly sun related.

any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance

ok so i fixed the problem, it appeared to be that the sun was making a shadow on the “screen” , i fixed it by making it’s material an unlit emissive material and multiplied it by 2

Can you show your code/viewport? I want to do a thing similar to yours but it only shows my player back and all the rest is black.

set the capture souce will solve the question