Scene capture 2D problem

Hi guys! Hope youre all ok,

Just a quick one,
Ive made a room, in which i would like a Mirror. So ive Added a “SceneCapture2D” actor. Ive created a Render target and Created a material in which ive assigned it to the “emmisive” node. I then use the Render target as the “texture target” for the SceneCapture2D actor.

It is working, BUT im getting a Doubled capture. Heres a Screenshot.


Heres the MATERIAL setup


and heres the RENDER TARGET setup


Ive adjusted the settings for the “address X and Y” with no joy. Im probably just being a Noob!

Thanks :cool:


That’s not a tool for rendering a mirror like reflection, it’s for doing things like having a screen showing a camera view for things like security cameras

However, placing the “camera” where the mirror plane is, facing outwards, together with a flipped X axis, can give a fairly good approximation…

Thanks for the Advice. So darthviper107, any Suggestions on exactly how one should be creating a mirror ? its all very well saying “thats not its purpose” so what is… :smiley: and thats not me being sarcastic either, i am Genuainly asking for advice :cool:

My guess is that your texture mapping is off, as to why it’s tiling. But in any case, there’s no solution at the moment for doing a mirror type reflection, SSR can do that for things like floors, but only renders reflections of objects that are rendered so it doesn’t work for mirrors.

Cheers buddy :smiley: guess what? just after i wrote that last post i went back into UE4 and realised the Alignment was not right, i set it to fit and Wallah! Thanks guys