Scene becoming dark when adding sphere or box reflection capture

As the title explains when i am adding a sphere or box reflections the scene is becoming dark.I added a skylight but nothing is helping.If i dont add reflection capture the materials are not displaying.
The below image is without adding any reflection actors.the scene is bright but material is not displaying.
without reflections.jpg

The below image is with adding sphere reflection capture the material is visible but scene becomes dark.pls help any suggestions?

are you using static geometry and lighting and have build the lighting yet?

It’s probably because before you added the capture, your surfaces were reflecting the outdoor sky. You could use a post processing volume to brighten the room up, or you could change your lightmass settings.

I am using stationary lights and static meshes… The problem is not with the reflection actors. It is the skylight. It’s creating odd artifacts after building the light. If I disable cast shadows in skylight then the scene is bright but it’s not giving the desired results.
Any suggestions?

Isn’t that the desired result? The room is almost fully enclosed, of course it becomes darker after building lights. What exactly are you trying to achieve?

I want the scene to be illuminated with the sky.I added skylight and baked but noting is helping. Do you have any proper lighting techniques which you could share with me?

Do you have a directional light? Because the skylight is just the diffuse sky radiation (ambient light) while the directional light is used for the sun light.
You can’t light enclosed spaces with a skylight, the light is blocked by the walls, roof and floor. The single hole in the wall simply doesn’t let enough light in. You could disable shadow casting on the skylight, but that would look really wrong and odd.