Scenario only smooth fading


Any ideas on how can I fade out the scenario smoothly and leave only some selected actors fully rendered, as we can see in the transition scenes from PepsiMan?

Similar to this:


Notice that the scenario does not instantaneously turns to black, and the PepsiMan stays as lit as before.

I’d suggest looking into the UMG viewport widget.
It is still tagged as experimental, but has worked find when I’ve used it.
You could combine that with a simple black overlay that fades in behind the viewport widget.

Alternatively, I believe the latest iteration of the scene capture components (4.13) allows you to specify which actors to render and which not too.
If so, attach a scene capture component to the current camera and tell it to render the actors you want.
Next, pump the resulting texture to an image / overlay widget, along with the simple black overlay mentioned earlier.

That’s all I could come up with off the top of my head.

Hope it helps.