Scaling the particle system

First, I come from Unity and hence I have the manners of unity user.

In unity I usually create gameobject and set particle system in it (atleast with 4.6) and then I can scale it to correct size and if I use the particle system object as a subobject of some other object it follows the scaling of parent object.

Now I try to do the same thing with Unreal Engine, I just haven’t been able to do that at all. Is this even possible? Are there any work around?

I’ve tried now creating the particle emitter to the scene and trying to scale it, it just scales the particles in it. Then I’ve tried to put that particle emitter to one blueprint actor and when I scale the actor it doesn’t scale the particle system.

I am very new to Unreal as well. I have only used it for a short time. However, I have found that the examples they give you are extremely helpful. Here’s a video going over particles from the examples in unreal I hope that it helps, i believe that it has what you are looking for.