Scaling problem with leap motion and occulus rift dk2

Hello! I’m working on a project where we use the occulus rift dk2 and leap motion to make a game. We want to create a game on a virtual table so the players feel like they’re sitting around a real table.

To be able to achieve this we want to increase the parameter in world settings, under VR, called “world to meters” so that players can interact with the game world without having to move to much. However when we increase this parameter we get a crosseye effect when getting too close to an object, as illustrated on this picture:

In the picture above we have set the world to meters paramter to 20000.

We solved this at first by scaling down everything in the game world but then we got issues with our navigation mesh. Also the leap motion hands start getting the cross eye effect when increasing the world to meters parameter to 200-500 and completely disappears with values above that.

Has anyone an idea as how to solve this issue? Is there some kind of bug with the “world to meters” parameter or are we missing something fundamental?

Its our first time working with unreal engine, VR and leap motion so everything is kind of new.

EDIT: The solution can be found in this thread: "World to meters" parameter problem - XR Development - Epic Developer Community Forums

So this issue has been partly solved. When changing the world to meters parameter you need to also change the IPD value by writing the console command “stereo e= IPD value”. The default IPD is 0.064 and deafult world to meters is 100. So i tried changing the world to meters to 1000 and then IPD to 0.0064 which worked fine and the leap hands showed as normal. Then I tried world to meters = 10000 and IPD = 0.00064 and there is no cross eye effect on objects in the world when getting close so that issue is solved. However a new issue has arised: the leap hands starts freaking out, they wobble around like crazy. But at least they show up so it is a step in the right direction. If anyone has an idea as how to solve the “wobbling” hand issue i’d be glad to here!