Scaling player/character up and down in VR

Hi, I am trying to shrink my player down to minute size via a blueprint on demand.

I have tried incrementally scaling my player character using ‘set actor scale 3D’ and this sort of works but it does not really feel like surrounding objects are getting any bigger.
It seems like it is just making the player feel shorter/taller rather than the perception shrinking/growing.

Attached code for what I have working at the moment. can anyone see what I am doing wrong or suggest another method?

I have seen this work ridiculously well in VR on the various veiviev demos, I was wondering if maybe the fov or something as well.

Anyone know how to achieve this?

You need to set change the “World to meters” value under world settings as well to make the world scale

Thanks for the reply, just tried adjusting that. It is exactly what I need. Do you know if you can change world settings from within a blueprint, in game. If so how?

Actually dont worry, worked it out, although it does seem to crash if I try to go change - in game to below 100 world scale for some reason (4.11 preview 5). Here is the blueprint for anyone lese with the same problem. Thanks for the point in the right direction formatt.

Where is the Blueprint?? :slight_smile: (you forgot! :slight_smile: