Scaling Camera Setup Concept

Hey guys!
Have sudo code to create a scaling screen inside the engine. Essentially builds a 2D screen in a 3D environment. I know it seems like there are better ways to do this but I have specific reasons for building this. Wanted to get your guys thoughts on if this is sound logic to go about this!

Get Device Screen Dimensions
Inside Editor Create Box With Device Dimensions
	Set TargetPoint At
		Left Edge
	Set TargetPoint B
		Right Edge
			Y=(Right Edge) 

Spawn Camera
Set Camera Viewport Dimensions (Any Width / Height)
	Set C <-> D
	Set TargetPoint C 
		In Camera Viewport 
			Y=(Left Edge)
	Set TargetPoint D
		In Camera Viewport
			Y=(Right Edge)

Move Camera Along Z Axis Until:
	TargetPoint A <-> TargetPoint B == TargetPoint C <-> TargetPoint D

Might be an easier way but this seems like it should achieve it.