Scaling BP Motion Controller with VR World Scale

It there an easy way to auto-scale BP Motion Controller hands when VR World Scale is adjusted? Similar to how adjusting VR world scale in VR Editor doesn’t impact the visual scale of your in-editor controllers?

I’m trying to do something similar. When you say ‘VR World Scale’ do you mean ‘Set World To Meters Scale’? I changed ‘World to Meters’ from 100 to 400, and then ‘Set Relative Scale 3d’ of the VrOrigin component of the MoitionControllerPawn to 4.0. This gave me the desired effect, but the hand meshes start to shake slightly.

Yeah, I was referring to the World to Meters scale value from World Settings. I will try setting relative scale 3D for motion controller pawns to see if that does the trick. Thanks!

That worked perfect and I didn’t see any shaking issues with hand mesh (4.16). Thanks again!

FYI - Anyone else looking to do this, here’s the change I made to BP Motion Controller for a World to Meters change of 1200 (set in World Settings)

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My mistake was scaling VrOrigin. Scaling the actual static mesh component of BP_MotionController seems to work for me.

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