Scaling a Sine node.

I’m trying to make a pulsating emissive material using a sine node.
Trouble is, a regular sine goes between the values of -1 to 1 which invert the emissive giving bad results.
A Linear sine give 0 to 1 which is much more desirable, but i’d like to set the lower value to not quite 0.

I tried a clamp node, but that seems to just cut off the tops of the sine instead of scaling the numbers uniformly.

Is there a custom sine node? or a node i can scale the values instead of clamping them?

Never mind me, i literally just solved this after i posted the thread.

I just lerped between two values using a linear sine as the alpha. face palm

Typically, you will multiply by 0.5 (or 0.49) and then add 0.5.