Scaler Parameter in Material Not Updating!!Please HELP

Hey Guys and Girls,
I don’t understand why my Material isn’t updating i know the values are changing and I can print those out to Console but for some reason the Scaler Parameter within the Material isn’t updating my material within game :confused: - I was wondering if it is because or some check box or something or do i need to run type of material update script…

(I can change the value in the material itself and yes it does Update but doesn’t update live in-game)
It should work but it doesn’t…


In this example, object gets random color when you place it in scene.

I have already looks at the epic tutorials and already referenced the Chair color colour randomise sectors. (But i’m not trying to change the color/colour but instead the time value and emmsive value- both don’t seem to work

I’m trying to get a value from 0.5 to -0.5 to change values with the material blueprint (time) it changes but doesn’t update the material? Any reason why you think this might be happening?

as i said the values change but for some reason the material doesn’t update even though- the values being changed and updated ever tick ( which as you can see with my blueprint which i’m using for debugging which i have been printing out those values to the console)

I’m using to create my own custom UI Elements e.g health bar but i need to values to update (which they do) which in turn should effect the material (which doesn’t seem to be updating)

Value generated inside character and changes color of Cubes

This is result