scale using axis value

hi guys i want to scale an object using my vr controller trackpad axis,but that can be anytype of axis input, the problem is i dont know the math required to do that i dont what to give it in scale node of set world scale 3d

your help would be really appreciated

i,m stuck here

Image from Gyazo

It’s this but you’ll want to introduce some clamps as you can turn actors inside out with negative values.

This is for an actor but can do the same with a component. Do tell how it goes.

That’s because you keep it in an actor (mine is in the Level Blueprint - also a bad idea but you asked about the math, so I though it’d be ok). Actors do not process input by default.

Imagine if you had 10 actors to scale, if you put the script in an actor, all 10 instances would process that input and scale… Probably something you do not want, but maybe you do. If you’re just playing around and testing things out, you can:


1 is your read input node. This will enable input processing in this actor class and not consume it, so other instances can do it as well.

But this is not feasible for anything serious. Perhaps you’d like to explain how you’re selecting the actor to scale. I’m assuming that’s the goal - select an actor and scale it. How close am I?

Can you get any input from that device? Like anywhere?

i added enable input node after event
begin play that seems okay to me

It will not work without the Player Controller node plugged in:


hi thanks for helping ,my code is not simulating after compare float node ,means nothing is flowing after that even when,im giving input

i am not selecting it, its just one cube
and for the input i added enable input node after event begin play that seems okay to me

i tried it with level blueprint too

didnt worked either

its my vr motion controller i,m using its trackpad for scaling and the controller works fine for other things

i have connected player controller node

i have got it to work but with thumbstick axis
but cant with trackpad axis
maybe you could help me with that

Never tried to squeeze input out of a trackpad. So what device is this? Can you show the input mapping in the project setting. Trying to understand what we’re dealing with (so I can google it ;p )

this samsung odyssey hmd(windows mixed reality) vr headset and its controller have trackpad with buttons but also touch functionality

also see the gif

Strange. UE4 is supposed to support this bad boy (this one, right?):

Found some random bits & bobs complaining that it does not work in UE4. You could still try to map it with the Raw Input plugin:

Apart from that, no clue. Sorry.

well thankyou so much for your help i’ll try it with raw input