Scale sky texture for low FOV camera

I’m utilizing a camera with extremely low FOV to create a near-2D feel. Most everything looks great, but the starfield in the sky sphere appears quite large and fairly ugly. Is there are way to scale it back down to something that looks more appealing?

What we want:

What we’re getting:

I don’t know if this will work but if it was me I would turn the stars off in the sky sphere and use a custom Sky box for the stars. Then you can scale it as big as you need it to be and move it back.

While I came up with a different solution (and posted it below), you get a +1 for getting me thinking in the right direction—namely, moving away from the default sky sphere.

Woke up this morning with an epiphany that solved my problem. I realized that I was thinking in 3D for a problem that’s largely grounded in 2D. The solution turned out to be simple enough: make a starfield material, apply it to a large surface, and then attach that surface to the camera well behind the player. The end result is a starfield that seems to stay put but is also exactly the size I need it to be. Perfect!

I love those morning epiphanies. good workaround.!