Scale, Rotate and Pan Textures in Material Editor


I’m trying to make a material where i have the freedom to Scale, Rotate and Pan Textures which i make instances to customize the parameters. So far i Have made one which is to Scale textures (see below) i just need to make the rotate and pan texture. How would i go about doing this? I would appreciate it if you can give screenshots if possible.

Another material i want to make is where the textures don’t stretch when i scale the mesh. This is a separate material from the scale, roatate, pan material.




Hello LBY,

Bit busy to properly reply, but check out the mat functions made here: Material Function - World Aligned Texture/Normal With offset & Rotation - Asset Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

It has rotation, offset, panning, etc in the mat functions so you could copy paste/edit it.

Hi Luos,

The material Function is really good, it gives me the results i want however the only issue is that i have to connect the texture nodes into the material function rather than the other way round like the in the screenshot. Also I would prefer it so i can to make the material which i can make within the engine rather than copy/pasting it. Its so i can remember to make it whenever i create a new project.



Sorry, My Bad. I just learned about what a material Function does. its collapsed version of a material node. I thought it was something that was made using C++ or something beyond to make the node.