Scale Material

Hi guys, at first sorry if I create the topic in the wrong place and second I’m new in Unreal Engine 4 but I’m really want to become a master on it. I’m studying day after day for that.

My doubt is which node on blueprint should I use to scale my material:
I have 3 photos: First one is showing how tiny is the material, second one is showing the wall that I want to put it and third one is my blueprint page.
I’ve tryed Text.Coord but it isn’t working - perhaps I put it in the wrong input - and the ScalebyCenter I don’t know where to plug it…

Change texcoords parameters (U/V tiling), or multiply it on some scalar

Thanks redbox, but in which node I plug the texcoords or even the multiply?
I did a Bumpoffcet as you can see on the pictures attached and I want to scale that…

Into UVs…

Redbox. I did it… I used Textcoordinates with Lerp without BumpOffset. This way I had the depth that I wanted and also the scale :slight_smile:
Thank you very much!

Best Regards