Scale is not replicating

Hi all again,

Here I got another question to ask regarding replication.

I have created a destructible object with Box collision and static mesh.

This object has a “Health” value which is set to float (RepNotify).

The object does definitely take the damage.

However, when I attempt to set scale within OnRep_Health function, it seems to be re-scaling the object on Server side, but is not done on Client side.

Here’s my blueprint script for this object.




Any helps, please?

EDIT: FIXED :D! Looks like there was some problems with editor!

If I’m not mistaken, OnRepNotify of your health variable, you’re triggering the ModifyScale event.

Do not multicast it.

You’re RepNotifying the variable, so when it changes, every players get a notification and launch that event. It doesn’t need to be multicast since everyone is already casting it.