Scale incorrect when exporting mesh from UE4

Have you changed units setting in export dialogue box of Max? Leaving it at Automatic should work just fine. Also dont forget to reset Xform > Convert to Editable Poly before exporting.

I wanted to create a replacement for the rocket launcher in the shooter demo so I exported the skeletal mesh to make sure I had the scale correct. Once it came to importing the new mesh into UE4, I found that it is more than 10X too big even though I exported the FBX from 3D Studio Max with the unit scale set to centimeters. My only thought on why this might be is that when exporting the original launcher out of UE4, the FBX didn’t set the scale to centimeters. There’s no option to adjust the scale manually.

Yeah that’s what I said…

I exported the FBX from 3D Studio Max
with the unit scale set to centimeters

Hi TorQueMoD,

Jacky is correct. You will need to make sure to check your scale.

This needs to be set when Importing and exporting any mesh. You need to make sure that it’s set to CM.

For comparison here is how I always make sure I’m working in the correct scale.

In Max I set my Home Grid to be 10cm and use CM as the default measurement scale (not just for export and import).
I also setup a simple box as reference that uses uses the following values, xyz = 5, 5, 185

I use these values because 185 cm is ~6 feet tall.

With these values set you’ll get the proper results. Since this isn’t a bug with UE I’m going to move it out of bug reports, but I hope this helps you get setup. If you’re still having trouble, post screenshots showing your scale setup, a scene with the hero skeletal mesh and a box mesh like I use setup for reference. Also the import/export window showing that the scale is set to CM.

Thank you!


Thanks Tim. I actually do have max set up the same way that you suggested which is what led me to believe this was a bug.
Apologies. What I didn’t realize is that when importing an FBX it doesn’t automatically set the scale based on the export options (I thought it would be hard saved in a specific scale) so when importing it was converting to millimeters for whatever reason and was scaling everything up by a factor of 5.

Problem solved. Thank you very much.