Say Hello!

Now that we have a new forum it’s a good opportunity to get to know people.

I’ve been a part of the Beta for Unreal 4 but haven’t done a lot of testing with it, but I do have a project currently planned that I want to use Unreal 4 with.
I’m excited to take a look at what new things we have to use. And the new licensing terms are very good, and all the access we have with the engine is incredible.

Hello darthviper107. Welcome to the Unreal Engine forums, and congratulations on being the first to post here!

Just signed up, super excited to see what all has changed, and also this new indy friendly model. Really looking foreward to diving into this. And getting back into the community.

I am so excited for this! I feel like a little kid on Christmas. Oh and those that don’t know I am BloodBrothers.

Thank you Epic, I love you long time!

Hello :smiley:

Coming from UE3, can’t wait to try it! Thanks a lot Epic and everyone involved in this project, with the new terms and all new features I’m pretty sure it’ll become a standard in the industry.

Hello All!

I simply cannot wait to get stuck into UE4! :smiley:
But I’m going to have to at least for a little while I finish my current UDK project.

Hi guys,

Really excited to get to play with the worlds best game engine, UDK was awesome I can’t wait to do some mobile development with UE4.

All the best


Hi all!

Looking forward to sharing knowledge with everyone on the forums! :slight_smile:



Real Name: Łukasz Baran

Yes I’ve been also part of the beta. Honestly haven’t done that much, but hey, I can still finish and share what I started :D.

What a surprise to get the announcement in my inbox. I worked on a UE3 game many years ago, but left the industry after the company closed. Hoping to get back in the biz by creating some cool stuff with UE4. This was the total right move by Epic. I had been looking at Unity3d, but was somewhat turned off by not having access to source (“you don’t need it”) - this changes everything.

Hello Everybody!

I’m Yeti. How are you guys doing?

After being away from UDK3 for about a year, I was looking for the motivation to get back into development. This was my call! Thank you!

Hi all !

Very big and good surprise today, can’t wait to test it :slight_smile:

Hello everyone!
It’s great to finally be able to talk freely about the awesomeness of UE4 with the rest of the world. :slight_smile:

Christmas time for all! Glad to get my hands on UE4, it makes UE3 look archaic!

Nice surprise to see it released to the public today.

Hi Everyone!

Adam here, I just wanted to say hello and welcome you all to Unreal Engine 4!

Hey Everybody!


at last i can log in,
Hi Guys, nice to see you all here, been using UE4 for quite a while now with all the ups and downs of a beta tester, i suggest you all hit the video’s and whatch out for the pit falls that i/we had

Hello, to everyone :slight_smile: